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Value Specialists
We believe that one of the foundations of establishing the real value of an enterprise is to have it analyzed by an entirely unbiased business valuation specialist. By specializing, we provide our customers - whether it be the business owner themselves or their professional advisors – with an entirely impartial assessment of value.

Our focus is on the business valuation of small and mid-sized private companies and identifying the aspects that build their value. Enterprise Valuators performs a thorough valuation that analyzes all aspects of the business which includes the assets, operations, benefit stream and external factors such as the industry, regional market, and competition.    

What sets us apart:

Concise, readable format

The conclusion of value is important, but we believe that you deserve a report that clearly identifies the process and logic behind the opinion. To achieve this, we explain the technical jargon in concise and succinct terminology. We do this by providing a coinciding dialogue that flows in parallel with the technical explanations. Yes, you do get a lengthy report but its value to you as a business owner is enhanced by its clarity.

Identification of opportunities

They say not to leave money on the table. Our analysts believe this is true and don't wear blinders when valuing your business; if they identify and opportunity or problem, they reveal it to you. We will identify potential problem areas and unrealized areas for improvement. Through our consultants and network, we can help you unlock unrealized value in your business. Go beyond what your business is today.  There are always new methods to build value in your business and given adequate time you can execute a plan to realize it.

Preservation of value
The sale of a business involves a community. If your valuation is part of your preparation for a liquidity event, it is imperative to integrate a more comprehensive plan than just the sale. Given time and the right combination of your advisors and our strategic partners, your embedded cash has the best chance of providing you with the means to retire. The best time is now to get started with this plan. 

“We believe you deserve a clearly written and concise valuation report and feel it is our duty to identify potential opportunities.”
- Max Beairsto, Founder
Meet The Team
Max Beairsto Profile
Max Beairsto,
Max Beairsto received both his science degree and executive MBA from the University of Alberta. He also holds a certification as a valuation analyst with both the National and Canadian Association of Valuators and Analysts. His 21-year involvement in valuations began with the purchase of his first business in 1995 which he then sold in 2000. The Katz Group then recruited him where he gained more valuation and acquisition experience and eventually became the Director of Acquisitions and Real Estate - Western Canada. Over the last 11 years through his company he has been actively involved in valuations and business consulting having completed hundreds of valuation assessments.
Executive Director,
Business Intermediary | Valuation Analyst​​
" I feel it is our duty to help you identify missed opportunities in preparing your valuation."
Mike Jaczko, B.Sc.Phm, CIM®
Mike Jaczko Profile
With over 35 years of experience in the Canadian retail industry, Mike acts as a trusted advisor to independent business owners on matters associated with succession planning and business transition. As a Portfolio Manager solely employed with K.J. Harrison & Partners Inc., he provides valuable insight on issues of wealth management pertaining to estate matters, corporate structure, tax planning and business valuation.  For detailed profile information, click here.
Ronnie Bud, CPA, CA, CBV, MBA
Ronnie brings over 9 years experience in valuation, mergers and acquisitions and accounting engagements. Having spent much of his professional career providing valuation services at an international firm, Ronnie has become a trusted voice in the industry.

Ronnie is a Chartered Business Valuator, and a Chartered Accountant. Ronnie also holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Alberta.

Prior to joining Enterprise Valuators, Ronnie was an Associate Director in the transaction advisory services group at Grant Thornton LLP.
 ​Advisory Alliance Associate
Chartered Business Valuator​​
Dr. Daniel Reich
Mike Jaczko Profile
Dan received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Alberta in 1995 and his PharmD from the University of Florida in 2016. Recently he received his certification in travel health (CTH) which is awarded by the International Society of Travel Medicine. He is Board Certified in Geriatric Pharmacy (CCGP) and is a compounding pharmacist with training in Hormone Replacement Therapy and Pain Management (University of Florida). In the past, he was a participant in the Pharmacy Practice Models Initiative (PPMI), the Epicore (U of A) rural hypertension pharmacist prescribing study and the Physiotherapy/Pharmacist Prescribing Collaboration Project. Dan is a trainer for CATALYST (program for pharmacists and pharmacy students on smoking cessation practices) and is an expert presenter on Natural Health Products and Cold and Flu, Anaphylaxis, Smoking Cessation and Adult Immunizations for Pharmacists, Physicians, and Nurses. He co-authored/piloted site of INR optimization anticoagulation project (Spring 2015). Dan is a two-time winner of the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy's National Professional Achievement Award. Dan brings to the team a wealth of knowledge and expertise in clinical pharmacy and pharmacy design.
Business Intermediary