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Introduction to Business Valuations
There are different levels of valuation reports ranging from a basic preliminary assessment all the way up to a comprehensive, certified business valuation. Depending on your needs, Enterprise Valuators can provide a valuation to suit your needs.

Some business valuators say establishing the value of a business is more art than science. If this were true, it would suggest that the value of your enterprise is merely subjective. Enterprise Valuators believes that if enough due diligence is conducted, there will be sufficient evidence to conclude an accurate value.

It is true however that each business is unique and finding an exact comparable is impossible. This being said, exploring these unique characteristics from the perspective of a hypothetical buyer, allows the valuator to conclude on its value with reasonable certainty; especially when combined with in-depth exploration of the external factors.

The conclusion of value is important, but we believe that you deserve a report that clearly identifies the process and logic behind the opinion. To achieve this, we explain the technical jargon in concise and succinct terminology. We do this by providing a coinciding dialogue that flows in parallel with the technical explanations. Yes, you do get a lengthy report but its value to you as a business owner is enhanced by its clarity.

If this wasn't enough, Enterprise Valuators goes above and beyond the standard valuation by assisting today's business owner to identify opportunities to enhance their value and correct value-impairing business practices. Click below to read more about this value-add offering.

A business valuation is an independent assessment of the value of a business. The value of your business can be important for many reasons. Perhaps it is for the purposes of re-structuring, for an imminent sale or to settle a dispute. For any purpose we can provide you with the level of analysis you need.
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Reasons to get a valuation
  • Income tax transactions
  • Estate planning
  • Structuring shareholder agreements
  • Minority shareholder actions
  • Business restructuring
  • Matrimonial law matters
  • Employee share ownership planning and stock option issuances
  • Purchase price allocations
  • Goodwill impairment testing
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures
  • Expropriation
  • Quantification of economic losses
  • Going public/going private transactions
  • Transfer pricing
  • Fairness opinions
Primarily due to legislative changes, valuation requirements have emerged in many different contexts. Some of the most common situations in which a valuation could be necessary are listed here.